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Network Governance

Building blockchain governance requires conceptualizing the relevant aspects of this power relationship in crypto with regard to governance. It is not surprising that blockchain, however, cannot be managed effectively through either mode of governance. Blockchain technology makes trust possible, before providing a stepping stone for the conceptualization of decentralized blockchain governance.

Value Stacking

Stacked makes it fast & easy to buy a basket of cryptocurrencies modeled after popular indices. Outperforming the market is extremely difficult as an investor, but historically, investors earn higher returns by buying and holding a well structured index than they would actively trading.

Increased Security

In the decentralized world of crypto, the onus for protection is often placed on the currency holder. There are two basic forms of cryptocurrency storage. Hot wallets are connected to the internet, often through a website, app, or plug-in extension. This is how crypto exchanges operate. Similar to banks, users have access to not only their funds, but are able to buy, sell, and trade in the same place. Cold storage, on the other hand, comprises methods of safekeeping not connected to the internet, like wallets in the form of external devices such as USB sticks.


Token Repartition

Token Information
  • Token Name: Realfinance Network
  • Token Symbol: REFI
  • Token: REFI
  • Token Decimals: 18
  • Token Address: 0x641a6dc991a49f7be9fe3c72c5d0fbb223edb12f
  • Token Supply: 100000000 (100 Millions)
  • Network: Bep20
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain


Here's a list of the FAQ you need to get started with us.

blockchain is a number of data whose public data can be seen by anyone and data can be storedt.

ICO is a coin offering at a lower price before it can be traded on the market.

Revi VIP card is a special facility in the form of NFT that will be provided only to initial investors who participate in an ICO of at least 1 BSC, where the ICO event is held with a self-drop system that is so transparent and participating investor data will be decentralized in txid, investors who hold this VIP card will get various benefits when the Refi platform forgives new events such as claiming airdrop tokens and others.

Refi is a governance token used to profit from the pool, And We build sophisticated and reliable assets by integrating the Cryptocurrency basic binance chain to facilitate the convenience of investors.

we will be releasing the platform on February 20, 2021.

Refi is an investment network platform and financial services, that will fix the shortcomings of the cefi and defi platforms in general, the Refi platform offers many advantages that will be very useful in real life, there will be many advantages that you can take when joining the Refi investment network platform.

All funds raised will be used to projects, liquidation, listing fees on the exchange, monthly Buyback program, and develop the community, if the funds collected fail to meet the soft cap target, we will launch the Publick sale on IEO with one of the exchanges or the project is terminated and the funds will be returned to investor.

Refi Web Browser develops a privacy-based advertising platform that allows its users to get a share of advertising revenue when they surf the Internet using an internet browser, The Refi ADS platform is a new path to a better Internet, where users can surf the web, earn rewards and support their favorite content creators while maintaining their privacy. Refi Web Browser also provides brands hands-on opportunities to highlight offerings and engage with users as they browse the web. When Refi ads are enabled, brand owners know for sure that their campaigns are running with Refi Web Browser, and that their ads are seen by the people who want them.

Like other advertising services, Refi Ads is one of the features that can make users place advertisements on the Refi platform. Refi Ads are advertising services provided by the Refi Platform so that you can display your product / service campaigns on the Refi Web Browser homepage. The goal is of course to increase sales of your product / service or your business income.

We will hold a bounty and airdrop at the beginning of the token release.